The Rumour Said Fire - "The Arrogant"


Wednesday 11th April 2012

The Rumour Said Fire are perhaps little known in the UK. They are however, big news over in Denmark with their take on folk pop, brimming with effervescent chorus and desolate verses. Their debut UK release, "The Arrogant" is out this week through Believe Digital, perfect timing for us to shout about them before their imminent Dot to Dot performance.

In true Danish style, The Rumour Said Fire make dreamy, wistful pop, packed with guitar intricacies, gracefully entwining to be as one. There is an immediate sense of undeniable happiness and contentment. The album is awash with blockish percussion and a tempo that screams Kings Of Convenience. Like the aforementioned band, they do have a blatant style, helpful for when you are in that certain mood, hungry for a slice of familiarity.

Where most albums are meant to be played in order, we don't think that this one needs to be. The reason? Well, they utilise the same artillery throughout, but re-arrange the equation for a very different answer. This means they maintain their own sound, whilst never growing tiresome or complacent.  Throughout, certain instruments develop hollow echoes in a sort of tribal unity, summoning a thousand voices to join in unison. Jesper Lidang's voice develops a slight wail as emotions run higher, lying betwixt a metronomic rhythm yet fully aware of any tempo change and delicacies, never overpowering, always compelling.

If this sounds like your bag, then grab yourself a ticket for Dot to Dot sponsored by Fred Perry Subculture this June 3rd where they will be joining the likes of Summer Camp, Waaves and The Drums.

You can take a look at previous years performances alongside exclusive interviews featuring such names as Guillemots and Hurts here to get you in the mood. 


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