The Scrags


Friday 9th November 2012

0 degrees Farenheit (-20°C) is cold even for someone who has grown up in Gävle, Sweden at a latitude of 60°40′N. It is certainly cold if you plan to record a live video outside your rehearsal room. But it makes for a good video and a good experience. The event can be seen on YouTube: “The Scrags - Cold Wind - live at Fältskärs-leden 18”. The Scrags have always done it in their own way, paying little attention to trends or good advice. In 2006 they bought four tickets to NYC and with demo CDs in their pockets they managed to turn the trip into a mini tour.

In 2008 their best songs were captured on the furious self-titled debut album released on Alleycat Records (available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify etc). The release was followed by a tour through Europe and a couple of visits in the UK. The new material was captured in large parts live to tape at Studio Cobra, Stockholm. The new songs combine their infamous energy with new intriguing sonic textures and a broad array of influences ranging from Suicide and Hawkwind to Modern Lovers and Black Flag.

The Scrags of 2012 have an impressive range – from dark repetitious grooves reminiscent of the endless winter nights of Gävle to light scraggy party songs inspired by everything you could imagine yourself doing under a midnight sun.

The first two songs Void Lodge & Cold Wind will be released by Svart Records as a 7” single on August 31 2012.

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