The Subways - "Money And Celebrity"


Thursday 15th September 2011

Three years is a long time in music. But, if three really is the magic number, then The Subways third album "Money And Celebrity", the follow up to 2008's "All or Nothing" must be something of a triumph.

The Subways have always held a place in the hearts of many a young indie kid. Never gaining a great deal of commercial success, they still managed to go Gold for their first LP effort. Surely a tell tale sign of cult status in an ironically mass fashion. So what is it about this band that has such an appeal to those quenching something more, feel good thrash shall we say? Well, a few things if you must know. Remember those early 2000's American teen films, where all the guys were geeks, all the girls were hot, and all the music was no bars held guitar thrills?! Well if you grew up during this time of adulterated but ultimately moral period, then confessing your love for the music on these soundtracks is no shame at all. In fact, if one of those tracks were to come on now, there is every bet you would get up and dance around the room.

This is exactly what The Subways have accomplished . A formulaic tempo, with workings taken from 90's grunge and interpreted to music they clearly love playing...and it works! Surely that is what making music is all about. Some artists will struggle for years in trying to pen down a new sound, never heard of before and almost nigh on impossible to play live. Then, when they do get it to stage, they are so sick of the logistics of everything, they stand, still, sombre, marking accuracy over action. Albeit opinion, this does not make for a great live show. Seeing The Subways in the past, everything they did on stage was for fun. To go absolutely wild, filling the room with an emphatic energy that could only induce you to joining.

If you are looking for an album that takes you back to Xfm hay days, then "Money And Celebrity" is for you. Put it on and go might just have a good time!


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