The Wedding Present Deluxe Reissues


Tuesday 11th November 2014

British indie rock band The Wedding Present formed in 1985 in Leeds, England. Led by frontman David Gedge, who remained the band's only constant member. Creating powerful, fast-paced indie rock, the band are were heavily influenced by The FallBuzzcocks and Gang of Four. 

Edsel Records have recently presented a series of deluxe 3CD + DVD reissues, as the definitive editions of the band’s catalogue. Eight classic albums; ‘George Best’ (1987), ‘Tommy’ (1988), ‘Bizarro’ (1989), ‘Seamonsters’ (1991), ‘The Hit Parade’ (1992),  ‘Watusi’ (1994), ‘Mini’ (1995) and ‘Saturnalia’ (1996), have all receive the deluxe treatment as one of these reissues across 3CDs and a DVD, boasting previously unavailable audio, promo videos, TV footage, original artwork, high quality new packaging, new sleevenotes and ephemera from David Gedge’s extensive collection and new interviews. They are all available to purchase here.

Of all the great song-writers emerging from the independent music scene of the late nineteen eighties, David Gedge was the unrivalled master at observing human relationships in the simple parlance of the working classes but with the touch and artistry of a poet.

Forming The Wedding Present in 1985, ‘Tommy’ gathered the band’s first four singles, their B-sides and selected tracks from two early radio sessions. Their first album proper, entitled ‘George Best’ followed a couple of years later and the band soon acquired a reputation for bittersweet, breathtakingly honest love songs immersed in whirlwind guitars.

The incendiary ‘Bizarro’ released in 1989 featured their first hit single ‘Kennedy’ while the follow-up ‘Seamonsters’ enlisted the relatively unknown sound engineer Steve Albini. Recorded in the snowy wilds of Minnesota in just 11 days, it suggested a more thoughtful Wedding Present.

 In 1992 the band released twelve 7" singles in one year. Each single had a limited pressing of 15,000 copies, many reaching the Top 30 in the U.K. chart, equalling Elvis Presley's record for the most U.K. Top 30 hits in one year. A gang of impressive names, including Ian Broudie from The Lightning Seeds and legendary Rolling Stones producer Jimmy Miller collaborated on the industry-challenging project, ultimately to be compiled on the two ‘Hit Parade’ albums.

1994’s ‘Watusi’, produced by Steve Fisk (a prime mover in the celebrated avant-garde scene of Seattle) whisked the band off into another new area with its lo-fi pop, three-part a capella harmonies and Waikiki-ready surf strains. The band returned to a more familiar sound in 1995 with the car themed ‘Mini’, in which Gedge cloaked his tales of love and lust with automobile symbolism. The self-produced Top 40 album ‘Saturnalia’ was released in 1996 to a flurry of critical approval with its more avant-garde style.

Fans will be able to purchase a choice of unique bundles via an exclusive online store offering the CD packages along with collectable 7” EPs.

“The boy Gedge has written some of the best love songs of the Rock 'n' Roll Era. You may dispute this, but I'm right and you're wrong!” JOHN PEEL


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