Thomas Azier


Monday 25th February 2013

Thomas Azier is an electronic-pop artist based in Berlin. 

Growing up in a small town in the Netherlands, Azier began making music because there really wasn’t anything else to do. Too broke to buy analogue gear, and hungry for a means of expression, Azier, like many young musicians today, began producing tracks on his computer. At 19, Azier moved to Berlin on a naïve and ambitious whim. Immediately inspired by the pulse and atmosphere of the city, he began experimenting with his voice, also adding new equipment to his practice. Layering his productions with dramatic symphonic vocals, and an aggressive number of synthesizers, his work began to tell the stories of his new life, the music communicating this evolution with emotive, passionate, unabashed fervor. 

Exploring the inherent power of pop and its ability to transcend, communicate, and affect the masses, Thomas Azier’s epic sound is both nostalgic, and current. Bridging the analogue and digital worlds with symphonic precision, his music is an anthem for the present, pulling from the past, looking to the future, a synthesis of time, sound, and story. Pop music, which sways between hope and despair - speaking of the nuanced permutations of youth’s mood and feeling and revisiting the sparkle and magic of the so often underestimated genre.

"I love the compact form of pop music. It's such a strong vessel to carry your message with and reach lots of people. Every song I write has different layers. As a listener, you can go through those layers but you can also choose to stay on the pop surface.“ – Azier.

Azier writes and produces all his songs himself, with help only from co-producer and sound designer Robin Hunt. He has released two EPs, and his debut album is due out in Summer 2013. New single 'Angelene' will be released 4th March on Hylas Records.  

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