This Is England Clubnight - Exclusive

Interview with Thomas Turgoose

Tuesday 26th April 2016

Warp Films, F-10 agency and Big Arty Productions will launch the first official This Is England Clubnight at Plug in Sheffield on Bank Holiday Sunday - May 1st.

To find out how you can win a pair of tickets visit the Fred Perry Subculture Facebook page or Twitter account.

Ahead of the launch we spoke to Thomas Turgoose, who plays Shaun in the film and subsequent TV series, who will DJ'ing on the night along with sets from Andrew Ellis and Andrew Shim - who play Milky and Gadget. Scroll down to read the full interview.

The night promises a timeline of music from the feature film and TV series with skinhead / ska / reggae, 80’s indie classics and the more recent 90’s ‘Madchester’ / rave / acid house.

With music at the heart of This Is England, the launch in Sheffield will feature:

Main Room
Indie / Madchester
DJ Sets from
Thomas Turgoose (Shaun)
Andrew Ellis (Gadget)
Andew Shim (Milky)
Joel Phillips

Room 2
Rave / Acid House / 90s club classics
Allister Whitehead
Marc Fuccio

Room 3
Ska / Reggae
Don Letts (BBC 6 Music)
SFL Sound System (Trojan)

Exclusively for the launch night Warp Films and Teenage Cancer Trust will be auctioning off Woody’s gold Austin Metro, which has featured in all three TV series. The car will be on display at the launch, doubling up as a photo booth, and for a small donation to Teenage Cancer Trust, fans will be able to get a picture of themselves in the driver's seat with one of the cast members. 

Interview with Thomas Turgoose

This is England has always been associated with having great/era defining soundtracks, where did the idea to do a clubnight come from?

Vicky McClure couldn’t make it to an event one night at Leeds, and she asked me if I wanted to do it, If i wanted to DJ, I’d never actually Dj’d before in my life, but I’ve always loved my music and always loved going out, so I went and did and really enjoyed it, this going back a couple of years now. And I just started djing it more and more, and then Andrew Shim (Milky) started doing it with me, and Andrew Ellis (Gadget) started doing it with me, we sort of come up with this idea to work together with Warp Films to do this clubnight, why not? A good chance to watch the films, do Q&A’s and just have a party.

We’ve all been bought up on good music, especially with This Is England and growing up with Shane, the soundtracks from the films and the series obviously had major impacts on our lives. Music’s always been a massive thing to us all.

Apart from the other DJ’s, Can we expect any other cast members to be in attendance?

Yeah maybe, I know a lot of them are busy, doing their own things, filming and stuff, I know Michael Socha, who plays Harvey likes to come down, he loves a good night out. We all love a good excuse to get together, one night could be one of us, the next night might be the whole gang!

Do you have anything special planned for the night?

I can’t tell you that, it’ll ruin it! There’s quite a few bits going on for the Sheffield one yes, it’ll be a good night.

This is the 1st clubnight, any plans to do another? Will it be in Sheffield again or branch out to other cities? Or even tour it?

I think we’re going to go all over with it, we’re going to see how it goes in Sheffield and see what people’s reactions to it is, and then the plan is to try and go to other places and do it and travel round.

Could you tell us a little bit about what kind of music you’ll be playing?

We’re all massive indie fans, we love indie music, we’re all massive ska and reggae fans, and the Roses and that Manchester scene, all that. I know Andy likes playing a lot of Hip Hop, So literally it can vary from anything. I’m the type of person if I’m on a night out I don’t want to listen to just one genre of music, I like there to be a mix up.

We love a bit of a sing-a-long too, throwing on a couple of slower songs and having a sing-song with everyone - it’s good fun.

What was the first song you ever played on repeat?

Sally Cinnamon by The Stone Roses, I love that one.

Is there a track you can’t stop playing right now?

With my music taste I could go from anyone, I’m really liking Lukas Graham, who’s in the charts at the minute, I’m into his album, it’s got very clever writing. If you put my phone on shuffle, it’d surprise you.

Do you have a favourite album?

I’m really into the Lukas Graham album, the new Ed Sheeran album and I love ‘Time Flies’ the Oasis album.

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