Tim Burgess Album 'Oh No I Love You' out now!


Monday 1st October 2012

Tim Burgess who last week, with his band The Charlatans headlined the Fred Perry 60th Anniversary Event , has released his first solo album in nine years, called 'Oh No I Love You' on O Genesis Recordings. 

The album’s release is followed by a UK tour, starting in Aberdeen on October 18th, taking in The Union Chapel in London on October 24th before finishing in Belfast on 27th.

The album and tour follows on from the enormous success of the publication of his autobiography earlier this year, in which Tim describes how he dealt with his crises, and what’s gone right with the band as much as what’s gone wrong.

The Charlatans front man describes the process of writing and recording the album in his own words;

 The root of this album goes right back to a Kurt Wagner show in Manchester.  It was the quietest yet the most powerful live performance I had ever seen and afterwards I carried Kurt's guitar to the car for him. I took the chance to ask him if he would ever consider writing a song with me. "Sure Tim, you write the music and I'll write the words". That one song turned into an album and almost ten year's after we first talked about it, the album is ready and it's called 'Oh No I Love You'

Kurt gave me the number of producer Mark Nevers in Nashville. He said Mark's studio, The Beech House was the perfect place to record. We got together members of Lambchop, Clem Snide, My Morning Jacket. We used strings, brass and a gospel choir. Chris Scruggs, grandson of the legendary Earl Scruggs came and played on a couple of songs and lo fi legend R Stevie Moore stopped by and we recorded a track in one take. Further contributions came from Factory Floor’s Gabe Gurnsey and Nik Colk Void and string arrangements from head of High Llama Sean O'Hagan

The album features ten new songs and will be released as a download bundle and also on standard CD, limited edition CD (featuring additional bonus tracks) and super limited edition vinyl. 




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