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Monday 17th February 2014

Tim Burgess was kind enough to contribute the following intro and playlist to Fred Perry Subculture -

It's safe to say that music features pretty heavily most days for me. At the moment, The Charlatans are working on our first studio album for a while which means we're based at our studio writing and recording. My label O Genesis has just put out a compilation of our first three years of releases. Record Store Day is just around the corner and I've recorded a single with Kurt Wagner and Peter Gordon. I've got a couple of DJ sets coming up at the 6 Music Festival and at the return of the legendary Sunday Social too. It can all get a bit hectic, so I sometimes get away from it all and relax by, er, listening to music.

What's on the turntable is a pretty eclectic selection - eclectic means you've not got a clue where it all comes from, right? Anyway, here's what's been keeping my ears warm recently..... 

Grumbling Fur - The Ballad Of Roy Batty
It's that amazing final scene from Bladerunner as the lyrics. Got a psyche thing going on - elements of folk, all sorts. Covers lots of musical bases. 

Factory Floor - How You Say 
One of the albums of last year. I can never settle on which track is my favourite for too long before a different one slaps me upside the chops. At the moment, it's this song I keep going back to.  

New Order - Love Vigilantes
I pretty much love everything they've ever done. This song is in the vain of Big John, one of those ghost story twists. I got to play in a band with Stephen and Gillian recently. I kept looking to see if if was really them! 

Not on Spotify to add, so here's the Soundcloud

Donnie & Joe Emerson - Good Time 
Ariel Pink did a cover of one of their songs BUt this song the opener on the Brothers Emerson's only album reissued a couple of years back is stunning innocent magic

Peaking Lights - LO HI
Worth a dig around amongst anything they've recorded. It's hard to pin down their sound but it's definitely for me. They're a husband and wife and they've even got their kids involved. I like a nice homespun band.

Helena hauff - Break Force
Taken from Actio Reactio 12" ep on Ninja Tunes, don't know too much about it but its bangin' - so if bangin is how you like it, get this on your shopping list.

Carter Tutti Void - V3
What do you get if you cross former members of Throbbing Gristle with current members of Factory Floor? This. At times it's fairly brutal but there's always room on the record player for it.

Lou Reed - Street Hassle
Thinking which Lou appeals to you on a given day kind of tells you where you are with your mood/ life / despair. Sometimes happy Lou on Street Jane or some desperate Lou on Berlin. This is epic Lou. In a leather jacket, sneering. Sha la la man why don't you slip away.

Bill Callahan - Javelin Unlanding
I loved this song before I even heard it. I read the title and hoped it would be brilliant. It's beyond that. Bill somehow seems to be able to slow down time - he's in charge when you our one of his records on 


Devendra Banhart - Carmensita
Devendra plays by his own rules and what he does just strikes a chord with me. I got an email from him about a year ago and we were talking about working together. There's a pot of freaky folkie stew on the backburner when he gets back in touch. Till then I'll keep playing this.

Amanda Lear - Follow Me
Amanda Lear is just one of the coolest people to ever have existed. Being Dali's muse for 15 years would be enough for some but Amanda Lear was a singer and actress as well as a model. This is from 1978 so there's a bit of disco and flickers of Kraftwerk in there too.

Holly Herndon - Chorus
Genius video/song taking the Cut Up to a new extreme, this is fantastic and BIG!!!!! Hugely atmospheric. It's hard to separate the video from the audio. Very much an installation as much as a song. Reminds me of The Art of Noise but doesn't Akins anything like them. I know that's not helpful but, sorry. Hard to describe is how I'd describe it.

Kurt Wagner - A Case For Vinyl
I worked with Kurt on my last album. He wrote the words and I did the music. This is one of the songs but it's totally stripped back to leave a poem. A beautiful poem at that. Kurt's voice is like slow moving honey.

Justine and the Victorian Punks - Beautiful Dreamer
In the late 70s everyone seemed obsessed with what music was going to sound like in the future. This starts off like the sound of a music box but then heads to another planet, somewhere in the future. But somewhere that still sounds like it's in the future in 2014. It's a Peter Gordon alias and a beautiful song. You have ideas about people you'd like to work with. I heard this and his Love of Life Orchestra output and immediately Peter topped my list. Last year I got to work with him and it was everything I hoped it would be - the result is out on vinyl in record store day.

Arthur Russell - I Couldn't  Say it to Your Face
Kind of linked to the song above. Arthur and Peter worked together and this was a song I covered on my last tour. It reminds me of gigs in Paris and Berlin. We needed a b side for the song I worked on with Peter so we recorded a version of this.

Laura Cantrell - Bees
I spent some time in Nashville recording my solo album. You get a real sense that music is something that just happens there - very little fuss. Like some places turn out cars, Nashville turns out songs. Laura is a country singer and this ones a timeless song about longing. 



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