Twin Shadow - 'Five Seconds'


Tuesday 19th June 2012

Yesterday, in the ever so infamous Time's Square, New York City, the artists known as Twin Shadow was given just about the best platform a musician could ask for. Displayed on giant LED screens, 'Five Seconds' was premiered to thousands of people as part of Artist Wanted's Art Takes Times Square.

What can you say about George Lewis Jr? He has cherry picked and condensed a single generation's music, making it ever so slightly more minimalist, crisper if you will, yet without tarnishing the true essence. His new song from forthcoming album 'Confess', released July 9th, is an epic Motorcycle journey through woodland and countryside, on the run from mysterious men in white masks. We don't want to ruin anything, so the best thing to do is take a peek. Director Keith Musil does a grand job with light and soft notes, correlating perfectly with the tone of the song.


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