Wednesday 29th October 2014

Listening to twinsmatic’s first EP, whose five tracks are so unlike the usual labored, repetitive efforts of Gallic R&B, who could imagine that the duo were French? A fact further disguised by the genre-spanning flavors of the five tracks, ranging from new trends in American R&B to the experimental English soul of Jamie XX and other ar- tists on his Young Turks label. Yet we must get used to and even delight in the paradox. Challenging all our presumptions, twinsmatic are the new jewel in the crown of French touch.

And the excitement is set to continue...

Growing up, the duo from the 20th district of Paris were surrounded by music, but it was not until 2010 that Julian and Nadeem took the plunge with “Greenroom”, an amazing debut mixtape presenting their revamped, slower versions of hits by Drake, Rihanna and Pharrell. This first draft epitomized the pair’s musical style: refined and futuristic. With their global fusion of mix, sound and image backed by videos they made specially for the occasion, twinsmatic laid the foundations of their creativity in the broadest sense.

Working for three years at the colette concept store in Paris (one in the photo studio, the other managing the music department), they were able to fine-tune their vision of global image and create a framework for the twinsmatic paradigm. The result was a second, more official mixtape: “Troubleseason”. Partnered by the store – an arbiter of fashion – it won them a huge following.

Their style – a bolt from the blue on the French R&B scene – soon won over Booba, a national treasure, who asked them to guest on his tour in spring 2013. They also produced a startlingly explosive remix of his “La Mort leur va si bien” (Death Becomes Them).

But it would be a pity to dismiss twinsmatic as simple beat and electro-loop merchants – as their first EP, “sounds from last night”, so clearly shows. Lavishing attention on the details of their sound, image and communication, twinsmatic have shaped an elegant, urban environment, whose philosophy is “less is more”. For now, the duo have released this first five-track EP.

The vinyl, designed by the French artist Akroe, will be an engraved, limited edition.

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