Two Wounded Birds


Friday 28th October 2011

A song about not growing old, with all the horizon gazing escapism of small town youth; Margate’s Two Wounded Birds return with 'Together Forever' due for release October 31st on Moshi Moshi Records.

In its purest form, rock and roll has always been the music of the outsider. A snub to the mediocrity of mainstream norms and aspirations. Yet, in a world where marketing rules and rock 'n' roll are commodity, a band has become a nu-folk sensation and where leather-clad poster boys pose in front of Triumph Bonneville’s. But for Two Wounded Birds, there’s always been Vince Taylor on the stereo and Elvis’ picture on the wall. There’s no marketing strategy, no friends in high places, no favours to pull in… They are from Margate don't forget.

So with the benefit of isolation, as wave after wave of next big things engulf our cities, singer Johnny Danger has quietly amassed a mountain of classic records in his sleepy corner of the country, collecting everything from doo-wop to New York punk of the late 70's. From this fountainhead of pop, Two Wounded Birds have emersed themselves in the defining sounds of the last 60 years to create their own micro-community in a generally unreceptive hometown.

This all-encompassing love of rock and pop has instilled the band with a fervent appreciation of melody and a deep reverence for music production and their lovingly crafted idiosyncratic sound. Just listen to their Radio1 play-list single, 'All We Wanna Do' and try to get that melody out of your head, or 'Night Patrol' and try not to catch a chill.

Although Two Wounded Birds have written hundreds of songs in their hometown bubble, things took off when The Drums approached the band and began courting them over MySpace. Jon Pierce then refused to perform under NME’s radar tour unless they were supported by Two Wounded Birds, and their debut EP came out on Jacob Graham’s Holiday Records.

Since then the band have built up a loyal and notable following. A songwriting trip to LA found Brian Wilson calling Danger and complimenting him on a "great sense of melody". Debbie Harry watched the band at Camp Bestival and was struck by "such a beautiful voice". US music industry legend, Seymour Stein declared them the "best band since The Ramones".

And perhaps you experienced that feeling too; that moment of exhilaration when you discover a band that exceeds the hype, overcomes the nonsense and really delivers something worth your time?

“Had the Libertines dabbled in surf it would probably have sounded like this. Superb.” INDEPENDENT

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