Tyler Mae - Free EP 'Fools Gold'


Thursday 28th June 2012

Tyler Mae are an alternative live five piece band based in the West Midlands. The band consists of Matt Lafferty (vocals), Dominic D'Arcy (vocals), Reece Gocan (guitar), Stuart hodges (drums) and Paul Jones (Synths & percussion). Their latest video 'Tyler Mae - Versus White Knights feat. Eva Lazarus' Is as brooding as it is heady, uniquely merging genres, creating an altogether new animal. Get your hands on their E.P 'Fools Gold' for free, through their facebook, for Subculture.

Bridging the gap between countless genres the sound they make can only be described as something that needs to be heard. Fusing elements of electronic  and bass music  with grime, punk, dance, hip-hop and more, Tyler Mae have truly ventured to new grounds creating a unique sound and atmosphere when they play a live show. A show consist of and electronic based set combined with two live drummers, guitars, synths, and accompanied by two vocalists hosting the show. Their own sound of huge, face paced, heavy drops complimented with melodic, uplifting break downs is fuelled by the sheer energy and commitment that the band deliver into their live performances.

The band had only been fully formed and gigging for a few months in 2010 when they got offered to play a string of UK shows with big names Enter Shikari and The King Blues. Tyler Mae were given a great reception and following the shows they journeyed on their first UK headline tour traveling far and wide to reach as many potential fans as possible.

Tyler Mae's sound has evolved and grown into its own over the last year or two, and is continuing to become more refined. Their genre remains unclassified as they continue to defy traditional band pigeon holing. The unlimited potential of direction for the band gives them the ability to adapt to the ever changing commercial charts or underground movements.

At the end of 2011 Tyler Mae travelled across to europe to play a full tour consisting of shows in cities such as Amsterdamn and Koln; Supporting American top 40 electronic pop band Breathe Carolina and UK based live Dubstep act Tek-One. They completed the second leg of the tour in the UK gaining valuable exposure from each show before heading out for the closing show in Eindhoven, Holland.

At the start of 2012 Tyler Mae have been hard at work finishing and releasing their  highly anticipated debut EP "Fools Gold" accompanied by their lead single and official music video "Versus White Knights". The EP is available for free through the bands Facebook and Soundcloud page and the Video is online via the bands Youtube channel Tylermaetv. The band are releasing a Part 2 to the EP in a few months along with a huge remix of Enter Shikari's new track "Warm Smiles Do Not Make You Welcome Here". The lads are starting to take bookings again for their 2012 EP tour so keep them peeled.


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