Velvet Two Stripes


Thursday 9th May 2013

VELVET TWO STRIPES, a love story that started on the 14th of February in 2011. Hopelessly romantic an naive as they still were back then, Franca and the Sisters Sophie and Sara decided to form a rockgroup after they had been arguing for hours wheter BB King, Janis Joplin or The Ramones were better. Of course their only goal was to get as many groupies as possible.

A phase of intensive rehearsal followed, that persisted for months until the three friends finally could start their plans to conquer the universe. Their first Demo CD was recorded in their rehearsal room and even if it was recorded by easiest means it became very popular.

After their first gig, at the latest it was clear: the world has to prepare itself for a huge load of girl power. After this first show in their hometown, they played several more all-around in Switzerland. In January of 2012 VELVET TWO STRIPES had their debut abroad and ever since then, things have worked out pretty well for this young Swiss band. And one thing is for sure: There is a lot that can be expected from this trio. VELVET TWO STRIPES are now finally releasing their first EP Supernatural through the Berlin-based SNOWHITE music label. Release date is June 29th, 2012.

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