Monday 16th July 2012

Arising from Cologne, Germany's Mecca of electronic music, VIMES have gained recognition for their unique electronic, yet organic sound and a stirring visual live set made for dancing to and falling in love with. They seamlessly combine live instruments with digital elements and blend their deep mesmerizing sound with uplifting pop elements and fragile though vivid vocals.

VIMES are Azhar Syed (Vocals, Synths) and Julian Stetter (Guitars, Electronics). Born in Africa and raised all across Europe, Azhar went on to study visual arts in Germany where he met striking music student Julian whilst writing for respected national music magazine 'Intro'.

Their live set is completed by collaborating VJ Till Beutling, who had previously studied and taught at universities in Cairo, Hong Kong and Cologne. The three-piece has been in this live constellation for just over a year.

Following several official remixes for artists like COMA (Kompakt Records), MIT (Cooperative / Universal), Napoleon In Rags (Humming / Rough Trade) and a 7" release with Aydo Abay (Ex-Blackmail) on Intro's label, VIMES are set to release their debut single 'UpStairs' with B-Side 'HouseOfDeer' in the fall of 2012, both of which were produced by Georg Conrad (COMA).

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