Finely crafted electronic songs

Tuesday 3rd November 2015

The band met by chance in Cologne, Germany whilst working together for a music magazine and a firm friendship was formed based upon a mutual love of music albeit slightly different influences. Azhar came from a rather pop-savvy sphere while Julian was more into the club-scene but they found making music worked together immediately and so VIMES was officially formed in late 2012.

‘Nights In Limbo’ has been a labour of love for the band and took much longer to record than they had initially anticipated. The production process proved to be the difficult part, with emotional ups and downs, bursts of despair and countless months in their studio. The result though has been well worth it and ‘Nights in Limbo’ is a diverse collection of finely crafted electronically produced songs. New tracks like ‘Harpooned’, ‘Mind’ and ‘Clks’ are upbeat pop infused tracks resplendent with uplifting vocals, glistening chimes, ethereal sounding strings and bold synths, whilst others like ‘Kyra’, ‘Rudal’ and ‘Tuem’ are darker more abstract sounding techno- driven sounding tracks.

‘To be in Limbo is being subject to circumstances beyond control. In this state, it’s extremely difficult to keep things in perspective. However, if you can, then it is certainly all the more rewarding. That’s probably how we basically felt while recording the album with all those uncertainties and nights dissecting, discarding and rediscovering ideas. Impressions and sensations we normally had during daytime just started to blur and the result was this transcending feeling of everything being calm and quiet. It may sound strange to name the album after the experience of actually making it, but it’s our very first album so in the end, we found “Nights In Limbo” to be an excellent frame.”

After months of slogging in the studio VIMES are now putting together their new live show and will be visiting the UK in spring next year as part of their European tour. Dates to be announced soon.

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