Virgin Kids

Garage punk trio from London

Monday 7th March 2016

Our latest artist of the week is one for fans of Hinds, Fidlar, Wavves & Black Lips. 

Virgin Kids' modern rendition of energetic Rock n Roll takes inspiration from the Post-punk and '70s West Coast scenes, fusing unrefined elements of Garage, Punk, Psych & Surf.

Starting as the bedroom project of frontman Asher Preston, Virgin Kids finalised their line up in late 2014 with the addition of childhood friend Paul Rosser and ex-Fawn Spots drummer Sean Hughes.

The Lo-fi DIY aesthetic has survived beyond the bedroom and is still gloriously apparent on their debut album 'Greasewheel'. The album is a blistering eight-song affair; rough, raw and relentless; full scuzzed out guitars and distorted vocals. Stream the album's opening track 'Bruised Knees' below:

'Greasewheel' (a title which appears to reference large greasy fast-food pizza, as opposed to light engineering) is set to be released on March 11th through Burger Records (US) and Fluffer Records (UK) - the latter being the same London based DIY label that hosted some unforgettable live music nights featuring the likes of Slaves, God Damn, Cerebral Ballzy and Bad For Lazarus, as well as the first recorded output from 2015's garage-punk breakthrough Love Buzzard.

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