Debut song “Sun”

Wednesday 3rd June 2015

It is always nice to say ‘Hej!’ to new faces in Danish music family! This time we are introducing Kasper Ejlerskov Leonhardt and Peter Wangel, better known as Copenhagen-based collaboration Wangel, and their recently released debut song “Sun”.


After repeated listening it’s quite impossible to forget the richly faceted voice of singer and name component Peter Wangel – whether it is his trembling, sub deep sub or the falsetto-like performance in the chorus. “Sun” appears as a really easy-going track and is positively influenced by the work of producer Kasper Ejlerskov Leonhardt and his magnificent beats involving radical changes of mood by using soothing clapping and impulsive keyboard parts.

It is no big surprise that Wangel seems to be a potential and promising bedrock for the future. Producer Kasper already acted as fine-tuning part of former Danish rock/pop band The Olympics before he changed the genre and now contributes his whole experience.

Probably it will be very soon before we hear some new stuff by Wangel, especially after they demonstrated their ability to enthuse their fans as support for Kill J at the Ideal Bar show in Copenhagen last. Their advantage is this vulnerable, but also optimism-spreading voice which reminds me of other successful examples like Blaue Blume or When Saint Go Machine.

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