Wavves Release Comic Book


Friday 9th August 2013

Wavves is a noise-pop duo from San Diego, California consisting of guitarist Nathan Williams and former Jay Reatard sideman Stephen Pope as bassist. They have recently embarked on a huge world tour, the dates of which can be found on the band's website here.

Frontman Nathan Williams has also written a comic with Matt Bahamas, with illustrations from Rudolfo Silva. 

'Negative Dad #1', the first book of a multi issue series, follows the fantastic and disturbing journey of two young mutant boys, Daniel and Serjio uncovering secrets surrounding their family and friends. This journey ultimately will determine the fate of their world and many others. They live in Verlaine City, a city that once was the center of a scientific revolution, but now a disgusting, dying shadow of its former self. When the boys are visited by beings from another realm, its up to them to discover the truth about their father and his incredible past. Buy Negative Boy #1 here 


Wavves released Afraid Of Heights, their fourth album and first on the Mom + Pop and Warner Bros labels on 26th March, which is available for preorder here

With gigantic sounds and tight production, Afraid Of Heights has placed Wavves in a fitting role as noise-pop punk artists. Working with producer John Hill (known for his work with M.I.A. and Santigold, as well as with hip-hop acts such as Nas and the Wu-Tang Clan), the band found a willing party in creating what they felt was the truest expression of what they wanted. As for the Afraid Of Heights sessions themselves, Williams paid for them out-of-pocket, explaining his reasoning with, "In doing so, I had no one to answer to. We recorded the songs how and when we wanted without anybody interfering, and that's how it's supposed to be."

Wavves performed at Dot to Dot Festival 2012, the live footage and an interview with Fred Perry Subculture can be viewed here 


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