We Are Catchers

West Coast sounds from the British North West

Thursday 8th October 2015

It is with eyes and ears facing forward to early next year, that we eagerly await new music from this week's chosen artist.

We Are Catchers is Peter Jackson (vocals and piano). His eponymous debut album was recorded with a little help from Bill Ryder-Jones, Austin Murphy, Richard Formby & Henry Broadhead. It was recorded in Eve Studios and in Peter’s house and produced by Peter, Bill Ryder-Jones and Darren Jones.

Despite hailing from the North West of England, (Liverpool to be more precise) Jackson's sound appears to have its roots in the West Coast of America, with The Beach Boys being the most common comparison drawn. To see what we mean listen to the 2014 single 'Tap Tap Tap', below:

Peter is recording his second album at the moment with a release planned for early 2016. In the meantime check out the first album 'We Are Catchers' which makes a perfect soundtrack for wistful Autumn daydreaming.

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