Wendy McNeill


Thursday 30th October 2014

I'm originally from the prairies of Canada. Although I'm now based in Europe, I feel that my songs retain the love of wide open space and the longing those big prairie skies can generate. Over the last decade, touring my music has taken me to some of the biggest and strangest cities on this dear old planet, so I hope that my songs aren't too wide eyed and wistful....that they're a bit street smart and playful too.

I started writing songs while studying Dance at an Arts College. As much as I loved the raw energy and honesty of movement, when it came to truly 'figuring out' some of what was bouncing around in my mind and heart - I needed words. And those words were coaxed out of me far more readily and truthfully when wrapped in a melody. I still use songwriting as a way to navigate through murky waters. But now, I often find other people's stories a lot more compelling than my own. I love researching interesting folks and events and pulling them into songs. I'm also a huge animal lover, so their wild ways and worlds often creep into my writing. 

A lot of what has shaped me as an artist has come from the random events in life. I started playing guitar when I realised that I needed to stop dating guitar players. I picked up the accordion when a French clown tossed one into my arms while backstage at a music festival . I started experimenting with looping and various pedals when I needed to reproduce the layers that I was imagining, but couldn't afford to pay a band to create them.

I'm fascinated by the everyday hero. The souls that get out there and try their damnedest to carve out a better life for themselves and others. I'm troubled by the injustices that so many people face and I'm afraid of the strange current that isolates people from each other...the whole 'us' and 'them' attitude. But greater than my fear of this is my love of a good story and the belief that good stories can help to bring out the best in people. So, I keep writing. 

I have contributed my music to indie films, dance and theatre productions, been showcased on numerous compilation cds, and toured in North America, Europe, Brazil and Japan.The upcoming release One Colour More is my 6th studio album.

I have been described as an artist that makes 'dark twisted tales' and 'wise moving music' . I like that.

It's also been said that I have been 'steadily gaining acclaim' for my 'poignant lyrics and captivating live shows'. Shucks, I like that too.

Some have labelled my music as 'Folk Noir' or 'Prairie Gothic'. I think these descriptions are a nice fit.

There is a blend of all of this on 'One Colour More'. 



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