White Fever


Monday 13th October 2014

Driven by a desire to create not just music, but an all-encompassing sensory artistic experience, the four met as members of other bands and were drawn together by mutual tastes and an unwavering ambition to realise their creative ambitions.

‘Beating Of Wings’ is a powerful demonstration of everything this young band has worked for. Led by lead single ‘Shadows’ the EP demonstrates the band’s boldly eclectic style. Driving rhythms team with glistening, dreamy guitars and haunting melodies. Frontwoman Ida Jacobsson brings a Nordic charm to the band’s accomplished sound, her impressive vocals rising above guitarist Sean O’Reilly’s immaculate production and Joe Bulley’s pulsing bass.

To mark the release the band will headline a free show at London’s Old Blue Last on 27th October. With live visuals provided by drummer Josh Williams completing their impressively self-sufficient aesthetic White Fever’s live set is one not to be missed.

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