Wooden Wing


Tuesday 3rd December 2013

After two EPs of folksy pop/rock, Chicago’s Wooden Wing unveiled the full-length Permanent Daydream this past Halloween.

Permanent Daydream opens with the track “Navigator,” and it is clear from the start that the band is moving into dramatically new territory, namely the psych/space rock sound pioneered by Pink Floyd and Hawkwind and updated by Spacemen 3 and Spiritualized.

The second cut, “Finish First,” may feature an acoustic guitar, but it is the acid-tinged production that stands out. “Tokyo” is sunnier and more organic (thanks in no small part to the male/female vocal interplay) but still manages to evoke the futuristic city it is named after. Psychedelic folk stunner “Rogue State” splits the difference between the group’s past and present leanings, while “Bones N Stones” is more earthbound and far less spacey. “Long Road” segues nicely into the instrumental “Moonshine Dusk” with the sound of falling rain. “Without Love” is pure starry-eyed wonder and highly recommended to fans of The Flaming Lips. Album closers “Dontcha” (let those freak flags fly) and the short, electronic “Labyrinth” (reminiscent of Air’s “Kelly Watch the Stars”) wrap (warp?) Permanent Daydream up quite nicely.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Wooden Wing is (floating in space):

Jacob Singer - Electric Guitar
Joel Masters - Bass 
Luke Sangerman - Drums
Melissa Gerstle - Synth, Vox, Piano, Wind Chimes
Ted Gerstle - Acoustic Guitar, Vox


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