Xul Zolar


Thursday 5th September 2013

Based in Cologne, Germany they share the vision of creating music that is joyful and accessible while not lacking depth, music that is naive and at the same time intelligent, music that is made for both: the body and the head. A tropical island hit by a nuclear bomb. Take the complexity and precision of bands like Battles, add some well-dosed rythmical and harmonical weirdness found in the likes of Animal Collective or Gang Gang Dance and pair that with a perfect sense for pop melodies and catchy-ness clearly informend by 80s pop giants such as The Smiths or Talking Heads and you might get a glimpse of what Xul Zolar sound like.

Subsequently Tobias Thomas - DJ and longtime member of the Kompakt Records family – recruited them as one of the first bands for the newly founded c/o Pop booking agency roster.

As of now they are preparing the release of more music for this year some of which was recorded at the prestigious former EMI studios in Cologne. 


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