Years & Years - Real


Friday 14th February 2014

London electro-pop trio Years & Year release second single ‘Real’, out via Kitsuné on Feb 17th. The video, which features rising British actors Ben Wishaw (Skyfall, I’m Not There) and Nathan Stewart-Jarrett (Utopia, Misfits), can be viewed below. 


The clip, with its mysterious, smoke-laced atmosphere and surrealist, Lynchian imagery, recalls Twin Peaks at its enticing best. It’s also rich in physicality, with the previously mentioned actors – alongside an assortment of other players – throwing all sorts of aggressive shapes to the band’s euphoric, slow-grooving sounds. In short, it’s perfect for those dance floor take-downs.


Or, as frontman Olly Alexander puts it:

"The song is about me feeling judged by someone so I thought it might be a cool idea to flip that feeling and be the one judging others. I did a play with Ben Whishaw and we used to do warm-ups every night on the stage and he's such a brilliant dancer, like an electric eel or something. The track has a big dance element and I wanted to see people dancing the way that Ben does, in a way that is almost out of control, like they've been hypnotised or something. We wanted to create a kind of eerie, Twin Peaks, surrealist environment."


‘Real’ is released by Kitsuné on 17th February along with b-side ‘Eyes Shut’. 
And a headline show on 5th March at Hackney's Oslo. 
Tickets available here:


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