Yonderboi - 'Come on Progeny'


Friday 24th May 2013

Yonderboi is a Hungarian composer, music producer and visual artist, and here at Fred Perry Subculture, we are very excited to offer the premier of new track 'Come on Progeny', as a free download below, a song which is unusual, texturally and melodically briliant, and really quite beautiful. Yonderboi also was give an exclusive interview, below.

Tell me what does Come on Progeny mean and why did you write it? 

I consider Passive Control a female album in general, and its closing song Come On Progeny is about the mother and child relationship, about the wonder of reproduction. The musical part took me a long time to write, something was never right about it. Its very first version was made around 2000, when my first album came out. This track was always with me over the years, so no other could come in question as the end-title music of my album trilogy. 

What's the story behind the name 'Yonderboi'?

I picked up this nickname when I was 14. I was totally into cyber stuff and William Gibsons novels back then, and there was a side-character called Lupus Yonderboy in his novel Neuromancer.

How would you describe Yonderboi's sound?

There is always something ambivalent about it. Feels uplifting but a little introverted, modern and old, acoustic and electronic at the same time. I do not operate with trademark style-elements, as I always keep in focus what is best for the actual song and for the album. So it can happen that two of my tracks sound completely different out of context, but on the album they make perfect sense. 

What's been the best show you've played recently and why? 

It was on the Amsterdam Dance Event in the fall, and the show took place in the Concertgebouw, which is one of the best sounding classical music halls in the world. It felt odd and awesome at the same time to play loud banging music in such a fine acoustic space.

What would you say are your influences?

When I am tired of music I spend most of my time with photography and moviemaking tools, it makes a great counterpoint to music. The undecided love triangle between me, music and visuals keeps me always going, the power of guilt is an excellent driving force.      

Who is your biggest style Icon?

I am a great admirer of George Hurrell the godfather of glamour photography. And not because that he was so well dressed himself, but that he made so many people look fantastic with his camera.  

What album do you find yourself listening to the most?

For cleaning and dishwashing at home I really like to listen to Rameaus opera 'Anacreón'. I have found it by accident when I did a research for a theater job. I have no logical explanation for it, but this music has grown on me and I wanted to hear it over and over again.

If you could have any artist, dead of alive, cover you, who would it be?

I would be very much interested in what Moondog would do with any of my tracks. Or a Screamin’ Jay Hawkins version of Before You Snap would be awesome too. And with another sense of cover, I can’t imagine anything nicer, than Jean Giraud “Moebius” the legendary French comics artist drawing a record cover for me.  


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