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Thursday 3rd October 2013

L.A.-based duo Youth Code is fresh off a U.S tour and has a new video to share. The promotional clip for the track “Carried Mask” (directed by razor-throated vocalist Sara Taylor) is a dead-on homage to the late 80s/early 90s music videos unleashed by any one of a stable of industrial dance bands on the influential labels Wax Trax! and Nettwerk (Ministry, Front Line Assembly, Skinny Puppy, et al).

“Carried Mask” is, quite naturally, shot in high-contrast black and white and has all of the risqué fetish items beloved by the bat cave set: leather (and lots of it), switchblades, tattoos and metal studs are all displayed in a vaguely threatening manner. The duo performs in an abandoned building on cobbled-together analog equipment (manipulated by the duo’s other half, Ryan William George) and is illuminated only by floodlights as a pack of unsavory characters play tough for the camera (although a couple can’t help but break into wide grins). 25 years ago this would have been quite scary, indeed, but today it mostly comes off as a bit of fun.

The song “Carried Mask” appears on Youth Code’s self-titled album, available now on Dais Records.

Complete track listing:
1. Let The Sky Burn?
2. First & Last
3. Carried Mask
4. Destroy Said She
5. Rest In Piss?
6. What Is The Answer?
7. No Animal Escapes?
8. Distorted Views
9. Sick Skinned
10. Wear The Wounds

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