Zella Day


Wednesday 30th July 2014

Zella's last single also made waves on Spotify picking up over 3.5 million streams over the course of 3 weeks. She was also one of the fastest growing new artists on the channel around the official release.

Zella was raised in Pinetop, Arizona, a small mountain town of less than 5,000, Zella embraced creativity early on inspired by a vast backdrop of natural beauty. Surrounding herself with other musicians, Zella's family-owned Mor Mor Coffee House became a sanctuary for budding artists where she first performed sets of Bob Dylan, Elvis Presley, and Bobby Darin songs with only a guitar. Pulling dually from such songwriting legends and her old-West, Clint Eastwood-clad surroundings, Zella began writing songs with a distinct raw grit that continues to define her sound today. 

Zella first made a splash in 2012 with a cover of The White Stripe's "Seven Nation Army", which topped the Hype Machine. The new song was brought to life at Los Angeles's WAX LTD. Studios with the production and mixing prowess of Xandy Barry and Wally Gagel.

Now based in Los Angeles, Zella is poised for a breakout 2014 with her debut EP and many more tracks in the pipeline.

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