20 Brighton Bands You Need To Hear Now!


Thursday 19th March 2015

There’s a natural abundance of freakishly good musicians in the cultural mecca that is Brighton. From Fatboy Slim to British Sea Power, Brighton is a musical melting pot, full of different genres and artists that feed from one another’s musical talents. Having spawned bands such as Royal Blood, The Wytches and Bat For Lashes over recent years, we took to Brighton to find the best acts.


Theo Verney
Producer and multi-instrumentalist Theo Verney came onto the scene atop a wall of relentless hard-rocking fuzz. The former bedroom kid has recruited a band to further enhance his all-thrills frenzy and has spent the past few months turning gig venues into excitable thrash sweatboxes. Having pre-released a track from his ‘Brain Disease’ EP, ‘Mountain Rose’ shows more restraint, but also more refinement. 


Brighton-via-Canterbury psychedelic grunge trio GANG’s monstrous new single ‘Silverback’ is filled with 70s scuzz guitar and thundering vocals which twists, turns and falls its way into the rest of their uncompromisingly primal EP. 


Black Honey
The enigmatic Black Honey have kept cautiously under the radar since dropping a string of tracks to their Soundcloud early last summer. There’s still little known about the band, yet their dreamy grunge rock sounds are leading us to believe that they are onto something big. Lead by Izzy Bee Phillips, her sultry smooth vocals are paired with an expansive wave of strings, percussion and shimmering guitar riffs, their sound diversifying with every track. 


Demob Happy
Demob Happy (see main photo at top of post) are a fuzz-loving four-piece that have an insatiable appetite for heavyweight riffs, laced with plenty of feedback. They’ve collapsed house party roofs, played gigs out of vans and their HQ is a basement of a coffee shop. Socially charged, Demob Happy fuse their natural affinity for relentless chord-thrashing with melodic undertones and bold dynamic shifts. They’re not to be missed! Check out their 80s Horror B-side themed video for ‘Young & Numb’: 


Tusks are three young blokes from Brighton who make psychedelic garage packed with waves of reverb and distortion. Their sound is reminiscent of the likes of Nirvana and Smashing Pumpkins, with heavy riffs and prolonged choruses that daze and disorientate. 


The Magic Gang
The Magic Gang have that slack-rock sound, loaded with acid wash nostalgia and 90’s grunge distortion. Since exploding onto the scene in 2013, these guys have taken some time to develop their sound and kept us waiting eagerly for their debut single ‘No Fun’ released via Soundcloud earlier this month. Produced by Andy Savours (My Bloody Valentine’s ‘MBV’, 2013), ‘No Fun’ naturally hints elements of shoegaze and garage rock. Embarking on their first UK headline tour this month, they’re sharing the stage with the likes of Wolf Alice and Bloody Knees.


Worryingly confident for a band so young, Grasshopper’s indie and post-punk sound is overwhelmingly impressive. With elements of early 80s Joy Division and Bowie-infused melodies, their brooding EP is accomplished and considered, quivering with nervous tension and fueled by imitable energy of youthful exuberance. Listen to Grasshopper below: 


Realms are a mysterious band that have offered small hints of what they’re about. With only one freaky music video to go by, Realms are cautiously taking their first steps into the Brighton music scene. Their songs are steeped in traditional folk influence, with haunting vocals and unnerving guitar lines. 


Moulettes are a unit of four remarkably intelligent musicians who collectively create a wild fusion of classical, progressive rock, pop and folk. Hannah Miller, Ruth Skipper, Jim Mortimore and Ollie Austin are the core unit of Moulettes. Their Constellations album is a giddy ride of complex structured sounds, full of verve and imagination and propelled by Hannah’s lively songwriting and cello playing. Listen to Constellations:


Our Girl
Our Girl dropped jaws at the tail end of last year, releasing a remarkably snappy and accomplished self-titled track on Soundcloud for us to get excited about. Despite only having released one track online, their shoegazey, Sleater-Kinney sound is extremely promising. We can’t wait to hear more.


Mount Bank
Mount Bank is the solo project of Samuel Organ, a classically trained percussionist who maintains regular DJ slots alongside the likes of Bonobo, Machinedrum and Flume. His classically influenced electronic music compiles melancholic piano lines with bright synth melodies, creating a restless energy through each composition. Listen to Mount Bank here:


The Hundredth Anniversary
Fronted by Eleanor Rudge, The Hundredth Anniversary’s fuzzy, atmospheric and precisely structured songs marry shimmering guitars, rigorous percussion and ethereal vocals to make a distinctive pop sound. The centennial outfit are busy working on new material as of late, but you can enjoy their Soundcloud tracks here: 


Josh Christopher and Melis Soyaslanová are Iyes, an electronic-pop duo who make dreamy atmospheric melodies across the alt-pop spectrum. Reminiscent of The XX, their intertwining his’n’hers vocals are delicate with romantic melancholy, accompanied by euphoric synth melodies that lift and liberate.


Strange Cages
Strange Cages’ dark, primal sounds suggest a strict and pungent diet of psychedelic garage rock. Strange Cages could easily be filed between The Cramps and The Black Angels, with their sleazy, gritty vocals and snaking guitar lines. It’s clear the trio aren’t afraid of wearing influences on their sleeves.


Remi Miles
Brighton-based Remi Miles is an electro-indie artist originally from Virginia, US. Sartorially, Remi is quite the mod, and partly the reason why he moved to Brighton – that as well as the vibrant local culture. His tropical, breezy pop is laced with hooks and 80s synth patterns with reggae undertones. 


Animal House
Brighton based, Brisbane born garage rockers Animal House have recently released a sharp new video for their debut single, ‘Sour’. Their giddy brand of garage-rock is as infectious as it is fun and will be embarking on their first UK your later on this year. Watch their video for ‘Sour’ here:


Morning Smoke
Beautifully bleak, this Brighton four-piece have only been together for 12 months, but manage to execute indie-rock cultured way beyond their years. Describing themselves as noisy-rock, their angst riddled lyrics and bristling riffs beckon you to follow suit, to lose yourself in their post-punk hazy sound. 


Lo-fi underwater indie pranksters Octopuses combine keyboard hooks with neat interlocking guitars, along with some bizarre semi-rapping interludes, to create their goofy electro-pop grooves. Have a peek at their strange video for, ‘Cool Story Bro’, here: 


Momotaro are a four-piece acoustic/electronic band who strike the perfect balance between organic and manufactured sounds. Despite playing electronica, most of the instruments are played live with a visual art backdrop. Delicate drones and thick and spongy 80s bass lines are met with shimmering melodies and soulful vocals. Momotaro’s dulcet tones and thoughtful soundscapes make for a captivating listen.


Jolta bring you a set of stomping tracks with the release of their ‘Sunset Surrender’ EP. Jam-packed full of youthful energy, addictive riffs and rowdy 70s Rock n Roll vibes. Fill your eyes and ears with their brilliant new video for Sunset Surrender: 



To find out more about any of the artists here, simply click on the red band/artist name to link through to their Twitter profile, where you can follow and them to keep track of the next time they'll be playing near you.

We'll have another list for you soon, so until then, KEEP THE FAITH - the bands are out there, and let us know if there's a band that would make a good addition to this list or future lists!

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