Baxter Dury - Other Men’s Girls


Thursday 19th February 2015

Following the release of his latest album back in October 2014 Baxter Dury has announced the forthcoming single, ‘Other Men’s Girls’.

‘Other Men’s Girls’ is the third single to be taken from Baxter’s album ‘It’s A Pleasure’ and comes accompanied by another Roger Sargent directed video as per it’s predecessor singles; ‘Pleasure’ and ‘Palm Trees’.

Visually based on 1970’s children’s television programme Play Away which featured Brian Cant, this is another Roger Sargent Classic, doing soft but creepy so convincingly. 

Baxter explains the meaning behind the track: “the song is about being trapped emotionally in some sort of way and the video shows this in an awkward demonstration of forced happiness. The male character is a colourfully dressed time bomb who's losing his ability to maintain his constant cheer under the pressure of his own obsessions with his co presenter. She smiles through adversity and refuses to acknowledge the possibility of his attentions either through disgust or her own secret wish to be desired.”

Baxter Dury released his album “It’s A Pleasure” on October 20th through his new label [PIAS] Le Label.  The album was produced by Baxter and mixed by Craig Silvey (Arctic Monkeys, Arcade Fire, The Horrors).

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