Carl Lim


Tuesday 20th November 2018

Introduce yourself
My name is Carl last name Lim, I am a photographer, currently exploring and learning to find out more of myself.

Describe your style in 3 words?
Things I love!

What does the Fred Perry Shirt mean to you?
Well, they are my parent’s favourite, I used to not understand old man fashion back in my high school days, but now I realise it was a representation of their confidence and personality and not forgetting about comfort.

When did you first dabble in the creative field?
I was a wedding photographer back high school, never really understand what is creativity back then. I eventually discover on things that I really wanted to explore when I was inspired by friends who went to the art school and also a portrait/fashion photographer. I was involved in a lot of creative projects and get to learn through the experience and in fact, there are great opportunities given to observe and process through conversations.

What inspires your work?
Happiness inspires my work. I work on things that bring me happiness. Things that I thought it would be cool, topics that I really wanted to dive into research, articles that boost my curiosity, and also ideas that I can share with my friends to develop and let us grow together.

What is the first song you played on repeat?
It was actually a melancholy Cantonese song, I remember that I had it on repeat till the extent of getting screamed from my friend as they’ve had enough of it. It was Eason Chen “Under the Mt.Fuji” 

Who is your ultimate British musical icon?
ULTIMATE is a strong word to me, it was hard to pick, but ill have to give it to Queen.

What was the best gig you've been to?
My daily life 

A song that defines the teenage you?
How to define my teenage me, same as you, young dumb and broke. 

What bands have you been listening to recently?
HYUKOH, and a local Malaysia band called ARVAN, you should check it out! 


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