Friday 16th January 2015

Borrowed from the Delta Blues the old fashioned Blues sound, Catfish are the breaking point between the music of Skip james and the indie rock of The Kills.

The duo offer music without embellishment, vintage sounding but never out of style. They focus on the songwriting, feeling of the voice and mojo of the guitar. There strong universe is represented by there off the rail’s visuals : sideburns, braces, high heels, and doll like dresses.

Two musicians that sound like four : bass, separated drums, harmonica, washboard, and overall the blazing guitar sound and Amandine, the powerhouse. The songs are about human relations, the ambivalence of feelings possessed by a voice sometimes gentle and melancholic, sometimes passionate and warm.

In only two years of their existence, Catfish are on the crest of a wave (Eurockéennes, Génériq, Paleo festival, BrusselS Summer festival, Printemps de Bourges...). They tour France, Belgium, Switzerland, to grow and share their Blues Rock. After two critically reclaimed EPs, their debut album “Muddy Shivers” may well give you the shivers !

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