Enchanting, intelligent pop

Thursday 11th June 2015

On 15th June 2015 musical bright spark Cornelia releases her powerfully enchanting, intelligent pop-filled debut album ‘Balun’ on Camp Mozart records. In addition to a standard digital release, ‘Balun’ is available as a limited edition audio poster, which marks the first step in a series of technological musical endeavours, brought to you by Cornelia in collaboration with Novalia.


Cornelia’s sweet, spectral vocals plus subtle flourishes of grime, bass, IDM, ambient and synth adorn eerily beautiful songs, which although pop savvy possess a level of gravitas and proper sonic depth.

Following a fruitful two years writing, recording and touring with the likes of Portico (Quartet), Dark Sky, Bonobo, Kwes and Scratcha DVA, ‘Balun’ marks the movement of Cornelia’s full focus to the solo artist limelight.

On the album, Cornelia ruminates: “I wrote ‘Balun’ on the brink of a big change in my life - moving to the UK. I felt I was at the edge of a border, both physically and mentally, having to relearn basic things like language, culture and conventions. I had a new story to tell.

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