Cosmo Pyke

Peckham Rye

Wednesday 14th March 2018

Cosmo Pyke

What you do?
Freelance Musician

Describe your style in three words
Fusion of jazzy.

What was the first song you played on repeat?
I was having this conversation the other day. The first music I remember when I was a kid was Tom Jones, Sex Bomb. I never knew it was Tom Jones until this year.

What are you up to at the moment?
I just finished at The Brit School in May last year. I was there for four years learning about the production and performance sides of music.

I’ve been playing gigs every weekend for about a year and a half now of my own stuff but then before that, for five or maybe six years, I’ve been playing little gigs. I was on tour with Ratboy at the beginning of 2016 and then I’ve just come off tour again with this band called Jaws from Birmingham. I’m hoping to play more Europe shows, and also Festivals, ‘cause like my music’s very Festival. I think it works outside in the sun.

What influences your sound?
I listen to a lot of grime, always have, but I wouldn’t say that my music is grime at all. I think London definitely has a big influence on my sound and the lyrics I write. I’ve got an eclectic taste in genres so ‘Social Sites’ is very sort of jazzy and slow - that’s how I think music should be, you know?

Other songs in the EP have Ska influences; The Specials, 2 tone, Reggae… I’ve always been a big fan of Ska music, so it’s not even just present London, but the past too.

What kind of music did you listen to when you were growing up?
A lot of Joni Mitchell; my mum influenced me on that and Jimi Hendrix from my dad, plus Bob Marley and Michael Jackson too. My dad’s from Jamaica and my Mum’s from London. Joan Armatrading, Joni Mitchell, Bob Marley and The Beatles as well. Yeah I listened to a lot of them and Jimmy Cliff as well.

Do you play instruments every day?
Guitar, yeah but I’ve always had a piano in my house so I’m doing piano lessons every Monday. I’m trying to learn all my music from guitar onto the piano so that I can switch from piano to guitar at gigs.

So you’re parents are musical too?
Yeah, my mum’s so cool, she’s really musical, and she plays violin in a folk band. Her name’s Rix Pyke, and she used to be in a comedy trio feminist group who became famous in the 70s.

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