Daniel Wilson


Thursday 5th February 2015

Daniel Wilson is a 23-year-old singer-songwriter from the suburbs of Detroit.

He introduces himself with a pristine, soulful voice reminiscent of a young Curtis Mayfield, coupled with a gift for songwriting that traverses a space between the golden era of singer-songwriters like Stevie Wonder and Elton John and modern electronic troubadours like Twin Shadow or TV On The Radio.  

Daniel’s first induction to music was at church, going regularly to Sunday service as a kid with his family. He didn't care so much for the sermons as was enchanted by the music, and the gospel cassette tapes his parents would play in the car. He was finally persuaded by the church choir director to give it a try.

Discovering his voice and a natural inclination for music, his curiosity grew, as his deep-rooted love for church and gospel music encountered a newfound infatuation with pop. Digging endlessly for any music he could get his hands on from Napster and Kazaa, he was born again, baptized by the likes of The Beatles, Michael Jackson and Mariah Carey.

He started writing, using his Mom's old tape recorder to commit his first songs to tape. Whether it was poems or little songs about faith, bullies, girls - he wanted to be heard, and to reach others. Eventually he scraped together enough money to buy cheap music software, leading him to put his music online and make his first foray into the music world.

The five accomplished and individualistic tracks that make up 'Boy Who Cried Thunder' EP showcase the result of this evolution. 'Proofread' and 'Killed Ya' tremble with urgent and emotionally charged electro pop, the latter being quick to perk ears online and climb to the higher echelons of the Hype Machine chart. 'Heartbreaker' is giddily ecclesiastical piano pop, shimmering with festive whistles, swooning falsetto and Motown rhythm. Elsewhere, 'Boy Who Cried Thunder' and 'If You Went Away' employ piano minimalism to explore pensive moods, layering harmonies on top of emotionally charged chords.

Resonating simultaneously like a classic, half-remembered favorite from your record collection, and a fresh and spirited new discovery, ‘Boy Who Cried Thunder’ is an opportunity to be acquainted with a special new artist. 


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