Tuesday 2nd August 2011

Our favourite metal face mogul, the original super villain and all round hip hop master DOOM is well and truly  back, working for the first time in collaboration with another masked antihero Ghostface Killah. Going under the pseudonym Ghoststarks, 'Victory Laps' is a reminder that Hip Hop isn't all about overproduced mainstream samples, but finding that hidden gem and transforming it into an all new entity.

London born Daniel Dumile has taken many a persona in his time, but started like many aspiring Hip Hop artist by forming a group. Started with his younger brother in 88, KMD was an essential foundation to the man we know today. Not only did the collection mould Daniels' flow and influence, an unfortunate car accident took the life of his brother in 93. This took an understandable toll on DOOM, subsequently dropping from KMD and practically living homeless in an extended period of mourning, wandering the streets and sleeping on park benches.

Five years later, performing at open mic nights in Manhattan, Daniel began to take to the stage incognito, choosing a stocking to hide his identity, hence beginning his ongoing trend as a man of mystery, shrouded in a cloud of allusiveness.

Liking his new image, he shortly changed his mask from that of a ladies undergarment to something a little more manly shall we say. Taking an idea from Marvel comics, he made a mask in vein of the villain, DR DOOM, and by doing so, manifested into MF DOOM.

To say that this man has good musical taste is an understatement. Producing nigh on all of his tracks, he has used samples from greats such as Steely Dan, Isaac Hayes, Quincy Jones, The Beatles and the late J Dilla. Taking such an eclectic stance could well be why DOOM has such respect amongst rappers and producers alike. Very few other artists draw on such a varied collection, making DOOM instantly recognisable. This in turn led to the collection Special Herbs, spanning nine volumes and comprising solely of the instrumentals used behind his greatest tunes.

His manner of delivery has always been that of distinction, opting for a slightly off the beat approach which often contrasts the light upbeat production. He effortlessly spouts lyrics of hilarity, making use of his wry observations and intelligent put downs to certain social situations and groups.

"DOOM was always known to keep the best girls backs bent, some say its the eyes, some say the accent, a lotta guys wonder where they stacks went, I call her thunder thighs, with the fatty swolla, only mess wit high rollas, do what daddy told her, no matter the city she with me to do the thang thang, work in the coochie, hooptie chitty chitty bang bang."

His formation of these thoughts, when merely said in spoken word take a second if not third reading to understand. This is very much the case with all great poetry which in turn can cause misunderstanding and disgruntlement. When oozing from the great mans lips however, they are clearer than even the simplest of instructions.

Just in time for the latest surge of sunshine, there could not have been a better season to release this in. What could be better than some top class hip hop to drench your musical thirst on a hot summers day. Hopefully this is just a taste of what could surely be one of the genres most iconic pairing of recent times.

DOOMSTARKS - VICTORY LAPS (Original / MADVILLAINZ remix) by LexRecords


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