Hello Bye Bye

Energy of the dance - Joy of arrangement

Thursday 7th May 2015

When multi-musician-producer write, without being, pop songs which, like Tom Tom Club and The Flying Lizard naturally affect the beautiful sophistication of the Beatles, the energy of the dance and the joy of generous arrangement, the question of the fairness of the process does not arise. Hello Bye Bye does us good, and wants us to dance, shiver, singing, dreaming.

Evoking without pretentious Super Furry Animals influences, LCD Soundsystem, The Stone Roses, Metronomy, Animal Collective, Radiohead, My Bloody Valentine or Death In Vegas, I'm fine, I know they are fans, and I hear these references here and there, fleetingly. Hello Bye Bye, you'll probably want to keep them in the family of the new French variety (Pendant, Granville, The Popopopops, Total Warr, Concrete Knives ...), and you will quite right, especially if it can help to access the recognition they deserve.

Otherwise you can also say that they come from Brooklyn and they were revealed by Pitchfork, it also would work in the genre "taking people for donkeys to sell records and paper." But the truth is that they just made an album that should easily move stories to the con, lies and business strategy. The 11 tracks of "Better Day" alone are worth the reason why they should be THE great hope of the year category noisy pop, shoegaze and indie rock dance club.

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