Johnny Dean


Johnny Dean

Where are you from?
All over the place. Originally Salisbury. But I've lived in London most of my life.

What do you do?
Procrastinate mostly. Sometimes I make music.

Describe your style in three words?
Shabby Lounge Glam.

If you could make a record with anyone from history?
John Foxx – He is the Daddy of Brisynth-rock rock. Pioneer. He influenced Gary Numan.

Nile Rodgers – He understands how every part of a recording is a tiny bit of a whole that is created with the sole intention of making you dance.

David Bowie – Obvious, no explanation needed.

What’s the best show you’ve ever been to?
When I was a kid I saw Michael Jackson play at the old Wembley Stadium. After that, all other gigs seemed a bit underwhelming performance wise. But in '97 I saw Bowie do a small, intimate fan club gig at the Hanover Grand, nothing can really beat that.

What British music icons inspire your sound today?
Bowie again. Haha! Tubeway Army, Depeche Mode, Roxy Music.

Which British subculture means the most to you?
Glam Rock and New Romantic.

If you could share the bill with any British band in history?
Def Leppard. I actually did an episode of TOTP back in the 90s with them. They were very nice. I think it's good to put yourself in a situation where you're completely out of your comfort zone. I think it would be fun. And that's the whole point as far as I'm concerned. Biker jackets and Hi-Tecs, classic.

What music did you listen to growing up?
All of it. The way music was 'consumed' when I was growing up in the '70s and '80s was very different to now. It was all parts of the same thing to me. Rock, Pop, Hip Hop, House. Back then I would tape the charts on a Sunday using my brothers incredibly massive Ghettoblaster. That was my musical education. I'd hear older stuff through my elder brothers. I had a healthy appetite for most things. And I still do.

You're asking me for a defining record from my childhood? Jesus. I think the first record that made me stop in my tracks and gasp would be 'Are Friends Electric?' By Tubeway Army. Definitely a defining moment in my life. Mindblown.

Johnny Dean is best known for being the frontman of the impeccably dressed Britpop band Menswe@r.

Under the name Fxxk Explosion, Johnny released his debut EP 'In The Beginning' in May 2017.

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