JUCE Mini Album


Monday 5th January 2015

JUCE are a storming new trio from London, consisting of Georgia, Chalin and Cherish, and are one of our hottest tipped acts for 2015. The three sultry females create fresh, groove-laden soul-pop like fellow Londoners Jungle, while elements of Haim and Kindness can also be heard. 

They  recently unveiled their mini album Taste the JUCE on Island Records. Their latest video, below, is for the second track '6th Floor', and was directed by Lucy Luscombe. 

Speaking about the video, the Girls wrote:

"'We were so stoked to be working with Lucy being fans of her previous videos. When we met to discuss her vision, we immediately fell for her interpretation of the song. Also, we're never the ones to turn down an opportunity to work with cats and snakes’

Taste the JUCE features all four previous JUCE songs plus brand new track, 'The Heat', rounding up the recent past while offering a glimpse of a bright future. Working alongside co-producer Dan Carey on various tracks, Taste The JUCE is a swirling, giddy mix of disco, funk and pop, born out of a melting pot of influences that take in ESG, J DIlla, Carly Simon, TLC and Sly and The Family Stone. Sure, there’s a pop sheen to JUCE, but scratch below the surface polish and you’ll reveal an intoxicating mix of sweet melody, tough rhythm, unabashed fun and clued-up musicality. The band are now working on their debut full-length album due for release in 2015.  



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