Malmö based pop duo

Tuesday 9th June 2015

Expectations were set high off the back of Malmö based duo Kastrup‘s first single ‘Lydia‘, a song which propelled artists Timmie Strandberg and Puppe Westberg to the forefront of the Swedish public’s attention – and today the duo return with the video for their brand new single!


The pair’s debut track ‘Lydia’ topped charts for unsigned artists in the band’s native country before receiving some pretty serious radio airplay in the latter days of 2014, and their latest single ‘Thieves’ looks likely to head in the same direction.

A nostalgic, synth clad track, ‘Thieves’ is doused in heartfelt pop personality and accompanied by a video showing a lovestruck couple causing mischief about town. The song has apparently existed for around 5 years, but finally found its own two feet when the Timmie and Puppe joined forces after meeting at Malmö Academy of Music to form Kastrup, breathing life into this track which hints at more love-lorn, electro-tinged ballads to come.

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