La Habitación Roja


Wednesday 25th February 2015

La Habitación Roja has always been a group defined by SONGS. Fostered by these, the group has developed to its peak in their ninth album. Recent winners of the UFI award for the best song of 2012, and the Mexican IMAS award for the best spanish group of the year, they now present us with “La Moneda en el aire,” an album that confirms what few groups are able to say: That each album is better than the last.

For this work, they have made some changes. On the part of sound, they have boosted the rhythm, the arrangements, the vocals, and the keyboard, and they have disposed of their characteristic guitar line.

“The songs should function with fewer elements and have less focus on the guitars AND we also wanted to reach beyond to a type of song that we have not worked with much. To create something to dance to. We took Ayer beyond what we started with, like Dorian did in their mix.”

The album features some of the best songs in the career of La Habitación Roja. There are songs like “Si tú te vas”, which is a big, epic, and emotional song created in collaboration with Tim Lewis (ex-Spiritualized) at the piano. There is also “De cine”, which is set to be the highlight of the new concert tour. It simultaneously contains danceable, fresh, modern, and classic elements. Additionally, they have tried to conserve the magic of recording in one of the most legendary places that a music lover can imagine: the Rockfield Studios in Wales, the place where preeminent works of the last 50 years were created. “Many of our favorite albums and many of our favorite bands of all time are part of the history of Rockfield. Recording there and becoming a part of that history has been one of the most gratifying experiences that we will remember throughout our career.”

The studio has worked with Black Sabbath, Del Shannon, Motorhead, Echo and the Bunnymen, Undertones, Waterboys, Stone Roses, Pogues, XTC, Charlatans, Oasis, Paul Weller, Sepultura, Ash, Teenage Fanclub, Coldplay, Suede, Joe Strummer, New Order…
“We wanted to make an album with the best resources, in the best studios. It was a very special experience and this album is very special for us and is certainly the beginning of a new stage.”

`La Moneda en el aire´ is the title of the album, produced by Santi Garcia, who this time has been involved from the very beginning and has thus culminated in an incredible result.

“We wanted to record a lively and romantic album that transmits the energy, rage, and strength that we feel. Songs that can accompany you in the hard times and help you draw strength from weakness and that when you play them in the mornings you wake up saying, “Today can be a great day".” This album shows that LHR are striding and are continuing to rise on all levels. Sometimes moody and melancholy, and at other times vitalistic and exuberant, “La Moneda en el aire” holds the key as to why LHR is one of the largest hit makers in Spain.

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