Marc Desse


Friday 16th January 2015

Charismatic, dark and air, Marc Desse could easily be the child of young modern people in the 1980s Paris filmed by Jim Jarmush. Share in the landscape of the new French pop musician, is the United States that it appears on the radar with the 'Little Anne' single released on Bleeding Gold Records label in 2011. The following year he met the American drummer David Graw (Isosceles Mountain, Dark Wave) from the Detroit punk scene that gives the songs of the young songwriter a patina raw and urgent. The limpid melodies of the power tube "Video Club" won the support of critics and Marc Desse always one foot on each side of the Atlantic ocean opens R Stevie Moore and Aline, with his group the full.

His first album "Night black", scheduled for 16 June is a night owl and urban travel which has been able to fully Digest its influences, between french texts, electricity and pop immediacy. Marc Desse has managed to find a language and an imagination that belong to him, both completely contemporary and uncompromising.

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