Monday 19th January 2015

Raw, taut, rabid and mordant. Thus sounds the disc début of Mourn, a length that does not deceive in its references - well attached to the 1990s: grunge, emo, and above all much indie rock - and that should transcend already holders of the type: "are there age!". Blah, blah, blah. Rubbish in the music press, which we will try to sneak over and over again that their merit is 'only' be young: their gallons are unfit for the Bachelor, Hey! Not subtract them value, by very well that has rocked the cradle Ramón Rodríguez, father of two of the above, their voices wind soloists, and warmly. Being under the age of twenty, guitars exude freshness and have potential beasts - to 'Glue ear' I refer. OK, the letters, the attitude, speak a language some 'teen' (emparentable with Avril Lavigne): long spit, little accurate. So what? Close your eyes and enjoy the host by the host, rebound for rebound.

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