My Evil Twin


Friday 2nd September 2011

Many a long and lonely night can actually produce something quite fantastic if your name is Cecilie Enevold Nielsen, with her guitar, drum machine and synthesizer for company.

While the rest of Copenhagen is fast asleep, Cecilie is hard at work as MY EVIL TWIN, and the result, super melodic pop music, that if it had to be categorised, would find it's place somewhere between warm nostalgia driven synthpop meets guitar based indierock.

The debut record “The Slow Escape” (released in Denmark in March 2010) is the result of many nights and a close working partnership with producer Lasse Lyngbo, who has had a good run in the bands Diefenbach and White Pony. Helping the record along with various contributions from the Copenhagen music scene, we find the likes of Ebbe Frej (epo-555, Lise Westzynthius), Kristian Nygaard Olsen (Oh No Ono), Niels Bagge Hasen (Vinne Who), Martin Sahl Petersen (Vinne Who) and Allan Mattsson (Diefenbach).

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