Normanton Street


Tuesday 23rd December 2014

Normanton Street are a soul/hip hop group based in Brighton fronted by Ned, Nicholson & Phoebe. Their sound is lyrically focused with three distinct vocals, jazz influenced guitars, warm bass grooves, tight rhythmic drums along with memorable saxophone melodies. Quietly they've been cementing their stature as one of the most exciting and original british bands on the scene right now.

Much Respect was released autumn 2014, and is available to stream / purchase via the band's bandcamp page.

The EP highlights the band's breadth of talent, taking the listener on a dynamic musical journey whilst retaining the element of soul. Flexing its boundaries, to superb effect and in a short space of time, the EP garners genuine affection. Opening with 'Fly Lady (Get Money)', the track combines baritone rap with the air of menace, only to be sweetened by deep and soulful harmonies of 'Phoebe Freya.' 

The EP's delivery is compelling and addictive, the rhymes are a realistic documentary about every day life. There isn't an intended common theme running throughout the EP, but most are leg and shoulder shakersfor sure. 'This Wolf' has a real vintage RnB vibe and really showcases Ms Freya's vocal range, which draws comparisons to the likes of Lauryn Hill and Adele. 

Photo by Mark Stubbs

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