Panty Pantera

Spanish garage, via New York

Monday 29th June 2015

Panty Pantera went to New York and returned with a new album in full. Integrated by Amaia, Adriana, Sara and Laura, the band have achieved in this mini-LP titled Monkeys Laughing (Smoky Records, 2015), an interesting hybrid between the dark side of Kokoshca and stirring other groups like the extinct Vivian Girls. In all this they add these witty lyrics with a lot to say about real life, something they already showed in their previous 7 "Crocodile, get something tremendously exciting. 

From the mysterious guys who have this rare strangeness to this environment contained in 'Shadows' to move on to something with a hook tremendous as 'Oranges'. New Panty Pantera has everything for their songs to be celebrated as hits.

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