Peking Duk


Monday 7th January 2019

Photo by Ian Laidlaw

Name, where are you from?
Adam & Reuben - Peking Duk. Canberra, Australia.

What music defines the teenage you?
Adam: When I was a teenager I listened to everything from Megadeth and Slayer to Dr Dre, the ghetto boys and DJ screw. Especially all the hot rap that was going on that time, the up in smoke tour video and music was a huge part of me and my friends teenage years.

Reuben: Anything from Dr Dre to Blink 182, to The Strokes. With guitar in my teenage years, Blink got me wanting to learn it and Metallica got me wanting to shred.

A song from your favourite album?
Adam: 'Take Care of Business' by Alex Cameron is a song from one of my favourite albums. The lyrics are so dark and grim yet the delivery is somehow hopeful. He nails every word and moment in this song, especially in the clip... definitely check him out if you haven’t yet!

Reuben: 'Evening Sun'. From the album 'First Impressions of Earth' by The Strokes. More meaningful to me than anything in the whole world of music.

Best song to turn up loud?
Adam: 'Mo Bamba' by Sheck Wes. It is hands down the turn-up anthem of 2018. I read a tweet from Zedd saying how much he hates the musicality of it and for me that makes me love the song so much more... some people just don’t and won’t ever get it and it’s best that those people don’t.

Reuben: Depends on the sound system and time of the day. Lately though, we’ve been turning most settings into an absolute disco party. The highlight of this weekend was at roughly 3am on Saturday, connecting the sub to the studio monitors and deafening our neighbours with ‘Thinking of You’ by Sister Sledge.

What new music are you listening to?
Adam: These New South Whales are a great rock band from Sydney that are doing some really cool shit, especially their joint 'Cholesterol Heart'. Also, our boy KWAME from Sydney is on fire at the moment and only getting hotter, keep your eyes out for him.

Reuben: So much new stuff to love! Big fan of Baauer’s new joint 'Company', incredible production and melodies. Mostly this year for me goes to Unknown Mortal Orchestra for the album 'Sex & Food'... Unknown have pushed the boundaries time and time again and this album is no exception.

What are you working on at the moment?
Adam: We have a huge amount of music we’re working on at the moment, we’re always trying to figure out which would be best to put out next... We just got back from London and we felt like every tune we wrote over there should be the next single so throughout 2019 you’ll be hearing a lot of the music that came from that trip.

Reuben: A big variety of styles and vibes. Currently though super influenced by old funk, disco, '80s synth pop and soul.

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