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Thursday 12th November 2015

North London trio Real Lies released their debut album Real Life on 6th October, on Marathon Artists. Made by acclaimed director Bison, the video features Real Lies lyricist Kev Kharas reciting the cathartic call to arms of the song from a London phone box.

 ‘Blackmarket Blues’ is the opening track on Real Life. 

Over the past two years, Real Lies have developed into one of our most talked-about new bands. Heavily influenced by the British subculture ‘Casuals’, Real Lies’ music takes sonic elements from the Madchester scene; New Order and Stone Roses, as well as later artists such as The Streets.  

Navigating intuitively through their early single releases - a sublimely evocative video here, a word-of-mouth warehouse party there, a midweek London club night (‘Eternal’) that became the stuff of legend and, of course, a collection of defining, youthful pop songs that could simultaneously conjure up feelings of both euphoria and melancholy, Real Lies embody exactly what it is to be young, locked in and yet somewhat adrift in Britain today.
Real Lies recently supported Foals on their November UK tour. Listen to debut album Real Life below.

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