Sex Cells


Tuesday 11th July 2017

Matt Kilda & Willow Vincent.

Describe your style in three words?
Impure Psychic Automatism.

What’s the best gig you’ve ever been to?
It has to be Suicide at The Barbican in 2015… It was as distressing as it was beautiful - we’re still puzzling out how we felt about it. In short, a completely unique moment.

If you could be on the line up with any two bands in history?
White Noise, a sixties group featuring members of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop such as Delia Derbyshire, who experimented with the sonic and psychic possibilities of synths. Also, Iggy Pop in full incarnation as The Idiot somewhere in late seventies West Berlin.

Which subcultures have influenced you?
The surrealists, the suffragettes, and all the magic currently stirring in London’s lost corners.

If you could spend an hour with anyone from history?
We’d love a cup of tea round Man Ray and Lee Miller’s pad.

Of all the venues you’ve played, which is your favourite?
The Windmill, Brixton. It’s the first venue where we felt properly welcomed in, like two stray cats, finding comrades in bands like Meatraffle and Madonnatron. Basically, a no-nonsense home for all, stuffed full of weird ornaments and even weirder music.

Your greatest unsung hero or heroine in music?
Andy Votel, founding wizard of Finder Keepers, for uncovering so many hidden treasures and introducing some new ones to the world too.

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