The Cribs - For All My Sisters


Tuesday 24th March 2015

Blog posts about bands will often begin by explaining how and where the various members of a band met, thus notching up the word count with largely pointless anecdotes about part-time jobs working in kitchens, or cleaning toilets. Thankfully, there are bands for which this is not an option, and one of these bands is The Cribs.

One of the most consistent bands to come out of the last decade, and the years therein characterised by angular irreverent British guitar bands, the Jarman brothers have returned with the next instalment in their series of family albums, 'For All My Sisters'.

In the dozen or so years since The Cribs made their eponymous debut, they have worked with some of the most respected names in the business. Production on their second album was provided by none other than Edwyn Collins, with its follow up boasting production from Franz Ferdinand's Alex Kapranos. The three brothers were joined briefly by Johnny Marr making The Cribs a four-piece for album number four, 'Ignore The Ignorant'. Production on number five would come from Steve Albini in 2012, with a compilation in 2013, bringing us up to date with the new 'For All My Sisters', produced by The Cars' Ric Ocasek, who has previously produced No Doubt and Weezer among other notable alternative artists who have enjoyed mainstream success in the U.S.

The influence of Ocasek and his mastery of late 70s new-wave/early 80s chart-friendly American rock crossover is perhaps one of the key shaping factors on the new album. This is a decidedly less angular, smoother Cribs, as demonstrated by tracks 'Different Angle' and 'Ivory Hand', with a lighter touch, evident in 'Burning For No One'.

Listen to 'For All My Sisters' in full below:

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