Visible Girls: Revisited

Groundbreaking photos by Anita Corbin

Tuesday 1st August 2017

Anita Corbin: Kath and Em at home in Putney, October 1980 

In 1981, photographer, Anita Corbin photographed 'Visible Girls', a series of 28 double portraits of 56 young women from a variety of backgrounds including members of the skinhead, mod revival, punk and rasta subcultures, movements which were arguably in their heyday at the time. The photos were taken in the women's homes, favoured pubs and clubs or other natural settings, using a portable flash and colour film to capture a very distinct and unique visual record of the women's lives at that point in time and place.

In 2016, Anita Corbin launched a social media campaign to track down the subjects of the original photos in order to repeat the project with the same women in the present day, with the aim of exhibiting both sets of images alongside each other. The touring exhibition, Visible Girls: Revisited, will also include tape recordings of interviews with the women, made in 1981 and 2016/17, discussing how the world has changed for women in the intervening 36 years.

Anita Corbin says: "This exhibition is not only about the powerful bond between women united by subculture, belief and friendship, but about the potential of women coming together across generations. Visible Girls: Revisited, allows the ‘visibility’ of youth to shine a light on the often-disregarded wisdom of the older woman, revealing a unique, cross-generational tribe with the power to provoke and inspire. Visible Girls: Revisited is an exhibition where mothers and daughters will find mutually provocative ground through which to forge a rare solidarity - that at this point in our history we need more than ever."

Seventy per cent of the women from the original series have been found, with the #VisibleGirls campaign still hoping to find the remaining thirty per cent. Women are also invited to submit their own double portraits online using the #VisibleGirls tag. Find out how to get involved in the exhibition and the on going search via the links at the end of the post.

Exhibition Dates
Hull, Artlink: 7 July 2017 - 11 August 2017
Exeter, Phoenix: 17 November - 21 December 2017
Norwich Arts Centre: 7 February - 14 March 2018
Bristol, 3CA: 6 September - 4 October 2018

An events programme of talks, workshops and masterclasses to be announced by each venue will accompany the exhibition.

All images courtesy of Anita Corbin.

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